Leather Shoe Repair Near Me

Leather Shoe Repair Near Me – Find the best shoe repair shops near your location. See maps, reviews, and other local info on the closest shoe cobblers near me. Shoes that have come away from the soles can often be repaired by adding an extra piece of leather and re-gluing or stitching the piece in.

However, many shoes can be repaired with the help of an expert cobbler. Classic Drycleaners accepts all types and brands of shoes, including leather and non leather.

Do you need to repair your shoes? Are your heels or soles damaged and you don’t want to buy a new pair of shoes? Are you wondering “where can I find the best shoe repair in my area, a boot repair shop near me or a shoe maker near me”? If you are looking to find the nearest shoe repair locations in your area, then you have come to the right place. This is your one stop source for all information regarding shoe repair shops near your location. It is often difficult to find where to repair your shoes, especially if you move to a new city.

Leather Shoe Repair Near Me
Leather Shoe Repair Near Me

Many shoe cobblers don’t advertise their services and you have to find them by word of mouth. Luckily, many have websites and have listed their location so now it is much easier to find a good place to go to when you need to get your shoes fixed. Search below for the closest local shoe repair options in your area and discover the best shoe repair shops nearby. Use the map below to find the nearest shoe repair service so that you can fix your shoes as soon as possible.

These boots basically look brand new now!! The Uggs especially were pretty scuffed up and I am so impressed with how great they look!! I had both pairs buffed, shined, and water-proofed. AND they were ready the very next day!

Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Review.

Service was extremely helpful and put in inserts to make the shoe fit. She used some stuff that I had bought from CVS and some of her own. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what the problem is and the exact solution. She was helping another customer while I was waiting who needed special shoes, and I was impressed with her knowledge and compassion.

Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Men Shoes
Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Men Shoes

In looking for a particular style of hat I stopped in to peruse their stock. I did not see what I was looking for, so Tony offered to special order one for me, and if it did not work out for my brother then I would not be obligated. I took him up on this offer. The hat worked out perfectly.

While in the store I notice some beautiful quality men’s clothing and shoes. I asked about women’s shoes (which they currently do not carry) however he said they could order me shoes if I new what I would like. Additionally I became aware of their shoe fitting, polishing and repair services – looks to be quality work. I will definitely remain a customer as needed.

Shu Renew Re-heeled a pair of Frye boots for me and did a great job. I have used them in the past and will continue to use them on my boots and business wear. A great job and a very fair price.

I brought my leather handbag into Kimmel’s in Broad Ripple on Feb. 5 2016. A piece of exterior hardware was missing and I was assured that it could be replaced. I was given a receipt which said “We will call” and a pick up date one month (FOUR WEEKS!) later. I was told by the counter staff that if there were any problems matching the hardware I would be called. Two and a half weeks into the waiting period I called Kimmel’s to see how things were going.

I was ASSURED that everything was fine and my purse would be ready on March 5. On March 5 I drove to the provider to pick up my purse. One young lady smarted off to me and said “Well, since your receipt doesn’t have a date on it we can’t predict when your purse will be ready.” I pointed out the date to her, which they had written on the receipt.

Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Women Shoes
Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Women Shoes

I also stated that I had called and was told everything was fine. A second counter person then said,” We called you.” I said “When?” She said “Today. We ordered the wrong part and it will be at least another two weeks before we can get to your purse.” I asked why I wasn’t told that before I drove all the way to Broad Ripple. They were silent. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there was no one available to speak to me. Mind you, this was a busy Saturday afternoon! I took my unrepaired purse and as I was leaving both counter staff started giggling.

I took my purse to another repair place in Greenfield. The manager spent plenty of time going over my options for repair. My purse will be ready in four days and the cost will be half what Kimmel’s wanted to charge me.
Honestly this is probably the worst case of crummy customer service I have ever witnessed. I don’t know how they stay afloat since this seems to be a dying business.

The shoes look great, They have the worn look that comes from being my favorite pair of shoes for the last decade, but the soles are brand new and the seams aren’t apart anymore! Finding a great cobbler or shoe shiner is not easy nowadays, and I will definitely use them again. It’s also nice to see a local, (small) business downtown right next to the mall and tourist/convention area.

Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Men Boots
Leather Shoe Repair Near Me Men Boots

It went Very well. Just to let you know they use vibram for replacing the heel plate. Which is a strong long lasting material.. Where other would use a softer type of heel plate.. The most outstanding part is I just happen to be there just to check in on the repairs. They were finished but I did not have my ticket number on me. So I said that I will be back with the ticket number so they can find it easier. They advised me that “It would be no problem to find just write down what we worked on and we will find it”. Then a few minutes later they came back with all my shoes even though they were in different spots in the store.

What a great place! We will definitely use them again. He repaired (resoled and restitched) a pair of beloved suede wedge boots that I thought were irreparable. I’m so glad to have them back! And he did an excellent job on my husband’s shoes as well. Great price, excellent quality, and quick turnaround time.

The store smelled very strongly of shoe polish–I had my husband wait outside with our newborn. That being said, the location is very convenient for those who live.work downtown.

I showed them my shoe and they said they could fix it and they see a lot of these. I thought $26 seemed a little steep for the fix, but they have to open up the shoe to replace the part, so maybe that’s a good price. Much cheaper than getting another pair, and I love these shoes. They told me to come back in a week, and I asked if it could be ready in 6 days, and they said no problem. They called me when the shoes were ready (like they said they would), and it was easy pick up. I’m very happy to be able to wear my shoes again the quality of the work was great.

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