Timberland Shoes Philippines Price

Timberland Shoes Philippines Price

Timberland Shoes Philippines Price Buy the latest Timberland Boots in the Philippines with the latest sales & promotions. Find cheap deals. Explore our product range.

Timberland Shoes Philippines Price

Wearing a product from Timberland means you are radiating classic American pride wherever you go. You do not have to be an A-list celebrity to wear Timberland boots and other products because they are so affordable and easy to maintain.

About Timberland Malaysia. Timberland is an American fashion company founded in 1952 in Boston, Massachusetts. What used to be the Abington Shoe Company was later purchased by Nathan Swartz in 1952 but it was not until 1973 that the company was renamed The Timberland Company Timberland Shoes Philippines Price.

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