Timberland Shoes Fashion

Timberland Shoes Fashionn

Timberland Shoes Fashion. The humble Timberland boot has been falling in and out of style for as long as we can remember. While, understandably, it has its moments where it can better suit the prevailing style, but when worn correctly, it can work regardless of its popularity.

We examine the history of the Timberland 6″ Boot and its journey from humble workwear staple to global icon of hip-hop style. Timberland’s 6″ Work Boots – known as Style #10061 to the brand’s employees or by their street monicker “Timbs” – have come a long way since their release in 1973.Timberland Shoes Fashion

And last summer, it was the beloved hippie sandal, the Birkenstock, that was resurrected by the fashion pack. This season, I predict a similar ascent to fashion greatness for the classic Timberland boot. Here’s why: All cool girls are wearing Timbs, from Cara Delevingne to Rihanna to Gwen Stefani.

While the boot was attached to a rather controversial collection by A.P.C., the fact that the Parisian fashion brand used the shoes in their collection proves that future fashion-centric collaborations seem more reality than fantasy Timberland Shoes Fashion

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