Timberland Safety Shoes Uk

Timberland Safety Shoes Uk

Timberland Safety Shoes Uk-We also stock several styles of safety boot in the classic lace up style, some of which are suited to outdoor work, while others are great for heavy industrial environments. With a wide range of sizes available, we can dispatch Timberland boots and shoes to your home or work from our UK based warehouse.

Timberland Safety Shoes Uks

The Timberland footwear and accessories corporation also has a set of guiding principles for choosing business partners, incorporating human rights, environmental stewardship, community building, legal compliance, employment (including child labour) and health and safety criteria. Timberland carries out an annual

Brands include Timberland safety shoes, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita and many more. We are small family run business based in the city of Leicester and have been operational here for 26 years. We are a compactly run independent Timberland safety shoes distributor serving the UK area by our daily delivery service.


Timberland Safety Shoes Uk

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