Timberland Oxford Shoe

Timberland Oxford Shoe-Timberland Pro Safety Toe Oxford Work Shoes have an innovative titanium-alloy toe that gives you safety toe protection in a design that’s so lightweight it feels like you’re wearing a plain toe shoe. Plus, the resilient cushioning and high-rebound heel make this boot extra comfortable for all-day wear; put in a hard day’s work.

Timberland Oxford Shoe

With a national retailer network of over 100 ultra modern stores, stocking high quality fashion shoes for ladies, men and children; Bata Kenya is the leading footwear manufacturer and retailer in the country. The Bata retail chain also includes accessories like ladies handbags, school and travelling bags and the latest.

For outdoor adventurers who depend upon rugged highperformance footwear to ascend tall peaks, and for those adventurers who depend on stylish oxfords to climb corporate ladders, Timberland offers quality eco-aware options. To advance its company-wide commitment to a cleaner planet Timberland Oxford Shoe.

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