Timberland Leather Shoe Wax

Timberland Leather Shoe Wax

Timberland Leather Shoe Wax Timberland Unisex Waximum Leather Protector. Our rugged footwear is designed to get dirty – which is why we created our Timberland care product line to help you clean and protect your footwear. Waximum ™ is an easy-to-use waterproof treatment designed to soften and protect oily and waxed skin without.

Timberland Leather Shoe Wax

Need to know how to clean leather boots quickly? Manual and Timberland that you have discussed. Check out our video for quick and easy skin boot cleaning tips. Use Timberland Waximum completely to restore skin and add a watertight protective coating. If you think they look okay before.

Timberland boots are made of strong leather and are made to withstand harsh conditions. They are very tense to give good grip while working, and skin is treated to repel water and stains. Keeping Timberland boots in good condition requires weekly cleaning and conditioning Timberland Leather Shoe Wax.

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