Timberland Custom Boat Shoes

Timberland Custom Boat Shoess

Timberland Custom Boat Shoes- The shoe walls cut my heels within hours and caused my heels to bleed and even cut through my plasters. I went through my three pairs in about a year and am now waiting for custom orthotics from a foot doctor. So sad. Timberland have put profit over quality and we are now left with a product of dreadful quality.

Timberland Custom Boat Shoes

The company launched a Design for Disassembly boot and boat shoe that can be returned to any Timberland store for recycling at the end of their life. Aside from shoes and boots, the Earthkeepers line-up includes clothing, outerwear, hats, and bags –some of which incorporate organic, recycled, and/or renewable.

Here’s your chance to design your own custom boat shoes! Start with our Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe and choose your leathers, laces, embroidery, hardware and stitching for a completely unique design on our nautical classic Timberland Custom Boat Shoes

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