How To Tie Timberland Boat Shoe Laces

How To Tie Timberland Boat Shoe Lacess

How To Tie Timberland Boat Shoe Laces. Customize your boat shoes with these tips from Sperry. From painting tips to how to tie boat shoe laces in specialty knots or with colorful laces to adding charms, our experts will show you how to create custom boat shoes that make a statement.

How to Tie Sperrys. Most Sperrys have leather laces and are notoriously difficult to tie tightly. You may find that a normal shoelace knot is not enough to keep the leather shoelaces from coming loose.How To Tie Timberland Boat Shoe Laces

One of them being how to barrel knot my Sperry Top-Siders, which many people do not know how to do. Learning how to tie laces into a barrel knot was possibly one of my favorite Sperry tricks I learned during my time there. It’s a cool, fun way to knot your Sperrys that will grab people’s attention this season

And while there’s no right way to rock a pair, one of the most classic boat shoe looks involves having the laces tied up in a spiral that has become known as the Eastland Knot. As an added bonus to the Best of Boat Shoes post, Complex asked Eastland how to tie the eponymous knot. Thank us later How To Tie Timberland Boat Shoe Laces

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